Constructions and other things

Everywhere there are traces of human activity. Sometimes intentional, but often with a completely random expression that no one has thought about. E.g. when a silo is left behind after all the surrounding buildings have been demolished. Who had planned for it to look like this? Who would have thought it would get that look when the other buildings were gone.

What does it say about people that a bush that happens to stand close to a road completely mercilessly gets the branches fragmented, so they do not protrude beyond the road to not become a nuisance to the traffic.

Or what can you tell about the inhabitants when the monotonous pattern in an otherwise carefully planned high-rise is broken by satellite dishes, laundry, variegated curtains and storage.

I am interested in such monuments. They tell much more about what kind of people have created them than the polished and deliberately designed sculptures that adorn town squares. It is as if this coincidence reflects deeper layers that tell a story we are not even aware of ourselves.

I don’t want to point fingers at what can and can not be done. But I want to show the beauty in these “coincidences” that surround us, that which we do not see because the eyes have decided that it is not pleasant but has a unique aesthetic, precisely because it has arisen.

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