Night signs

What shapes life? How are we led? What makes us go one way instead of another? Signs we take for granted, and are led by, may be no more than a colored spot on the road. Yet stripes we run over without noticing, could turn out to be fatal if we ignore them.

Who chooses the significance of these signs? And why do we abide them? What happens if we collectively decide that they mean something else? Are all stripes equally important? Or can some be ignored?

Are there stripes we take very seriously that have no meaning? Can you always trust that stripes mean what we think they do? Does a stripe on the road indicate the same all over the world? Do stripes exist that are very important that we don’t see because we’re too busy? Or because we’ve decided not to take them into account?

It fascinates me to think about what makes society work and which common decisions are necessary to make that happen. Also, the absurdity that a stripe on the road or a blinking light can make us react in the same predictable way is interesting. How can a whole society be brought up to put the same value on a sign? Even if you choose not to comply with it, you still respect its meaning by being aware that you have violated the common rule.