Everywhere there are traces of human activity. Sometimes intentional, but also often with a completely random expression that nobody considered. For instance when a silo is the only building left after all the surrounding buildings have been demolished. Who had planned it to look like this? Who reflected on that it would look like this when the other buildings were gone. Surely no one. But yet there it is, towering, completely unmotivated and ugly in its dis-context, telling of those who built it and those who failed to remove it.

Or what does it say about humans that a bush that happens to be close to a road, mercilessly gets its branches torn off, so that they do not disturb the traffic?

Or what does it tell of the inhabitants when the monotonous pattern of an otherwise carefully planned high-rise house is broken by satellite dishes, laundry, shattered curtains and storage.

I am interested in such monuments. They tell a lot more about the people who created them than polished and deliberately designed sculptures that decorate squares. It is as if this randomness reflects deeper layers that tell a story we are not even aware of. Admittedly not very flattering, but perhaps just therefore necessary to be confronted.

I don’t want to judge what we can and cannot do. But I would like to show the beauty of the “coincidences” surrounding us, emphasise what our eyes don’t see because they have been accustomed filter it out.