Privacy policy

Who am I?

My name is Peter M. Madsen. I’m a photographer and I run the webpage  for no other reason than to showcase my art photography, and to get in contact with people who share the same interest. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to drop a message on my contact page.

Which personal data do I collect and why?

It is not possible to subscribe to any newsletters, create a user profile, comment or upload anything on this site. Thus no data will be collected that way.

The only way you can leave behind data is if you use my contact form. That only makes sense is if you share a minimum of information (name, mail and/or phone number). These data I will use to get in contact with anyone interested.

Deleting data

If you for any reason no longer want me to store that information, you can contact me and I will delete anything I know about you. I will never (without your consent) pass on any information to third party. And I will never use that information for any marketing purposes.


Due to technicalities, the webpage places cookies. That is necessary to make it function. I have no access to that information, and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to identify you.


Well, this ought to be it. I can guarantee that I have no evil intentions with anything on this site. If anyone gets hurt anyway, I will bear no responsibility, and I emphasize that surfing is at your own risk.

I hope it will not be applicable. Take a look around and enjoy the images, and last but not least:

Be careful, it’s dangerous out there.